When You Know You Have Cacoethes Scribendi by Charles Yallowitz

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When You Know You Have Cacoethes Scribendi

A curious term and I don’t remember how I stumbled onto it.  Showed up the same time I found ‘Idiot Plot’ and ‘Eucatastrophe’.  I’ll admit that it could be a silly term I ran into, but it rings so true.  So, how do you know that you suffer from this?

  1. Do you write entire paragraphs in soap bubbles in the shower and take pictures with your phone?  Cacoethes Scribendi might be for you.
  2. Do you get irritable or downright psychotic if you go for a few days without writing anything?  Cacoethes Scribendi has your name on it.
  3. Do you have a notepad attached to the steering wheel of your car in case the music inspires you?  Cacoethes Scribendi, and a driving recklessly ticket, are on the way.
  4. Do you own enough pens, markers, and pencils to fully stock a school district […]

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