Why should you aim to have no excuses? by A better Man

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Why should you aim to have no excuses?

Imagine living your life the way you want to, with the people you want to be with. We all want the same things: financial security, personal fulfillment, and long-term happiness, and we know how to obtain them most of the time. On the other side, our lack of discipline and never-ending list of excuses can come in the way.

So, what are your options for dealing with this? That is the question that Brian Tracy’s book, No Excuses!, seeks to answer. If you work for an organization or run your own enterprise, the book has compiled a list of the most effective strategies for helping you avoid making excuses.

Have you ever wondered how certain people manage to collect vast fortune and achieve incredible success while having significantly less time than the majority of people? It comes down to applying self-discipline to the three most crucial parts of life: personal success, professional success, …

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