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I Messed Up


You know how I wrote that whole post about sticking to a schedule and that good stuff? Yeah. It’s been like week one and I already messed up lol. I was supposed to make sure I post blogging advice today but I randomly got on a call with a really awesome friend and didn’t have time to write. To be honest, I don’t feel bad about it because I hadn’t talked to this friend in a while and I really enjoyed catching up. I’ll plan better in the future I guess but obviously as much as I love blogging my real life is important too. […]

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In Loving Memory


This is nothing to do with our beautiful red roses, but something else to treasure and remind us of departed loved ones.

It’s hard to believe it’s two years ago that our neighbour’s husband passed away and it has been a very difficult time for her.
There is a lady who lives just a few miles away who makes teddy bears from the clothes of those who have passed at a reasonable cost. …

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Three Treasures!




I have just three things to teach
simplicity, patience, compassion.


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By Backstone Beck

France & Vincent

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There could be no better place to wake than the moors; as the curtains opened on my picturesque ‘birthday card’ and the Cow and Calf brought in the morning. We were planning a long walk after breakfast so our rooms had to be cleared and we were to check out early. First though, a final meal shared in the window table of the old hotel, this time with cards and unexpected gifts. […]

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