A Little Chat with N J M Hemfrey by Jeyran Main

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What are your published works?

I self-published my first book, “Haxfuri”, in February 2020. Haxfuri is a cosmic grimdark horror that doesn’t care about your feelings, and I’ve been firmly assured of this by people who have read it. At 640 pages, it is full of philosophical punch and merciless action. The story explores how moral agendas can justify any viewpoint, and how moral agendas can be created out of anything, no matter how dreadful and atrocious the principles.

My second book, “My Fatal Futility Shellshock” came out in April 2021. The book is like Tenet meets Altered Carbon with the philosophical cladding of The Last Samurai. Set in a neo-Japanese inspired future, this story is the first in a cyberpunk trilogy, and is full of razor-sharp time travel twists.


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