Open Book Blog Hop – July 12th by Stevie Turner

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Open Book Blog Hop

Welcome to this week’s blog hop. Today’s topic is:

Are audiobooks the future of book sales? Do you have your stories on audio?

The answer to the first question is that I don’t think so at the moment, and regarding the second, currently I have 15 audio books for purchase, which I have on a royalty share basis with the narrator via ACX. So far there have been no fees to publish any of them, and from 2015 when I had the first book narrated to the present day I can say that I’ve sold 372 audio books so far. ACX provide 25 UK codes and 25 US codes for any audio book, which again are free. Since my own voice sounds like a constipated corncrake, I advertise my books, narrators audition, and I pick the best one. I’ve had no trouble finding narrators, and I’m happy with the whole ACX process. ACX have even been paying authors more royalties during the Covid pandemic! […]

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