Senseless weekend sarcasm : Endurance by rantingalong

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Senseless weekend sarcasm : Endurance

A few years back, I sent my spit to   No, I wasn’t angry at them, it was for a DNA sample. There were a few surprises, such as 1% Cameroon/Bantu people 1% Native America Yes, According to my DNA, I’m 1/50th “a person of color.” People might have believed it of my mom, with her dark hair, but I’m the one on the right: Pictures taken shortly after the last dinosaur perished. On occasion, I receive messages announcing more “discoveries” based on my DNA.  Yesterday, I was advised of “new information” about things like the shape of my ears, if my family line was bald, and — most important of all — the consistency of my ear wax. Endurance…

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